Dental & Drug Claim Adjudication


Why do people pay an insurance company an additional 10 % – 15% to adjudicate a predictable expense? There are many different types of plan adjudication. NexSys is a safe and secure system that can process real time prescription drugs and dental office claims submissions. NexgenRx is connected to 98% of all licensed pharmacies across Canada and 100% of all dental offices registered with the Canadian Dental Association (CDA net).

Our system verifies an electronic claim submission to determine if it should be accepted, adjusted or rejected. The results are transmitted back to the pharmacy or dental office immediately.

It is always important to note that all Dental, Drug or Extended Health Care Services must be supplied and purchased in Canada to be eligible for payment. All services and supplies must be prescribed by the licensed, registered practitioner in that appropriate medical field. For example, a chiropractor cannot perform a dental procedure.

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The Next Generation Cost Containment

The Next Generation Cost Containment (pdf)