Group Health & Group Retirement Benefits


Creative Benefits AllianceManaging Group Health and Retirement Benefits is a challenging proposition for all employers. It is fraught with complexities, liabilities, legal issues, rising healthcare costs, aging workforces, delayed retirement, ever-changing tax rules and many other variables. Creative Benefits Alliance has the experience, expertise and the breadth-of-skills to tackle all of these challenges on behalf of and in conjunction with employers.

We assess the suitability of current Group Health and Retirement Benefits Plans by investigating whether it delivers the maximum number of benefits at the lowest possible cost, while minimizing tax implications and possible liabilities. All of our initial audits of existing Group Benefit Plans are done on a NO-FEE basis.

Typically, Creative Benefits Alliance clients save approximately 20 – 30 % during the first year of the relationship with us. Subsequently, on an on-going basis, we work diligently on the containment of insurance premiums on behalf of our clients. That means working against the many problems that can arise due to rising healthcare costs, aging workforces, etc.

Group Health and Retirement Benefit Plans is a tool for attraction and retention of employees. Industry benchmarking is important to employers to ensure that their plans compare favourably with the plans of competing employers. We ensure that our clients understand the industry benchmarks that exist and measure well when compared with employers within their industry.