Creative Benefits Alliance


Creative Benefits Alliance proudly operates as an independent Canadian entity, without ownership ties to any particular insurance interests, client or group of clients. We bring a breadth of experience and a unique perspective to help our clients take an educated view of their: Group Health And Group Retirement Benefits Programs; Dental And Drug Claim Adjudication; And, Retirement And Income Planning.

As experts in these areas, knowledge is the foundation of our services and our learning never stops. Our knowledge empowers our clients to navigate the ever-changing world of insurance.

To be truly effective, we must gain an understanding of each client’s organization and impart our knowledge in a clear and relevant manner. Our goal is to maximize the use of insurance premiums by delivering the most comprehensive insurance package to suit budget, thereby, maximizing return on the significant investment in employee benefits.

We believe that every organization is unique and the services that we provide need to recognize this simple, yet critical fact. Providing advice that an organization uses to make business decisions and directly impacts their employees’ lives is a serious responsibility. To assist our clients in making sound decisions, we need to be thorough, accurate, insightful, creative, knowledgeable and most of all, understood.

Our responsibility and greatest skill, is to take very complex subject matter and present it in a focused and valued manner. We believe in educating our clients and their employees about how to make responsible decisions about insurance matters. Our greatest value may be in our ability to improve the strength of a company’s decisions, deliverables and culture.