Retirement & Income Planning


Creative Benefits AllianceAs pension consultants and retirement educators, we have all of the experience, skills and expertise to assist in choosing investments, assisting in retirement planning and supporting retirement transition. Today and in the future, our investment and retirement professionals will continue to be there for you. For example, the Canadian employees of many Canadian employers have benefited from the expertise of Creative Benefits Alliance in making a smooth transition to retirement. Some of the items that we consider on behalf of our clients include:

  1. How much income will plan members receive from the government?
  2. How much money will plan members need to withdraw from Group Health and Group Retirement Benefits Plans each month?
  3. How long will money last after retirement?
  4. What are the retirement income options?
  5. What investments should be chosen?
  6. What fees will apply?
  7. How much tax will plan members need to pay on retirement income?
  8. What paperwork is required to start this process?